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Market leading software

Having the right software can help you run your business with increasing efficiency…..when it works as intended. We work closely with our software supplier to constantly look for ways to ‘do things better’. We have an integrated suite of functionality to help financial planners deliver services to clients whether through automated valuations, client portals, cash flow analysis or a comprehensive suite of client facing reports.

Quality Compliance Support
We believe that compliance doesn’t have to be difficult or burdensome when executed right. It should be just part of the organisational culture. We see our compliance team as just that; part of the extended team who have a certain role to play. We deliver compliance support in an educational manner and importantly we always listen. Like you, we believe that the client always comes first.
Technical Help and Support

Everyone comes across a thorny issue every once in a while, and we appreciate that it can be helpful to talk things through. We also believe in going the extra mile to help solve problems. Our technical team from across the business are on hand to help. Whether it’s a client scenario, or help with product knowledge or selection, we’ll look to help you with appropriate guidance together with updates via our ‘T.One’ bulletins.


Adviser education and development is how we view training and competence within our business. As such our approach to T&C revolves around the needs of each adviser – individually. Our Education and Development Managers will work with you, supporting you with the help that you need and we’ll provide you with access to ‘Progress’ our T&C recording system to enable you to study and record your CPD easily.

Centralised Investment Proposition

Managing money on behalf of clients is a significant undertaking with an administrative burden to match. Operating and managing portfolios on an advisory basis is an increasingly high risk approach. You’ll know how markets may move and yet can’t act in the interests of your clients without their authority. Our Centralised Investment Proposition managed by Tavistock Wealth could put clients in a better position and could reduce the compliance risk.

Preferred platform and product terms
Tavistock Investments Plc is recognised as a business of increasing importance across the financial services market. As such we have negotiated improved terms for your clients with many platform and product providers. These discounts are tailored for the needs of our members and as a point of differentiation when you are attracting new clients.
Business Development
We are a business that doesn’t believe in standing still. We are always looking for improvements that we can make however large or small, that collectively combine to grow the business. As a consequence, we want to work with firms that share this ethos. We’ll work with you to help you develop your practice and achieve your goals and objectives, whatever they are.

Many of our member firms want to grow and finding new advisers and staff to join their teams is essential. We can help in two ways; firstly, by publicising your vacancy and secondly through our Recruitment Team who are active in the market. We can also help you with building the appropriate package for advisers and staff.

Every adviser needs CPD to maintain their SPS and we recognise that you can’t trade without it. So why should you be forced to sit through sessions that just aren’t relevant to your business or your clients needs? Organisation such as the Personal Finance Society can be used widely, so our CPD events focus on specialist subjects at a more in depth level.

We recognise the evolution that has taken place within Financial Services post RDR. Advisory firms are now structured as businesses should be, with tasks undertaken by appropriately qualified and remunerated staff rather than always being carried out by the adviser. Employing paraplanning support is a great example of how applying a different commercial approach may benefit your business and your service to clients.

Examination Support

Studying for and then passing examinations is not a gift that everyone is blessed with and the longer time goes on, the harder it becomes. Investment advisers are all now highly qualified but deciding to study further can be a big commitment and undertaking especially when time is precious. That’s why we partnered with a well-recognised service that gets results.


Do you keep in regular contact with your clients? Newsletters when used appropriately can be a great way of keeping in touch, perhaps acting as a reminder for clients to take action at certain times of the year, or as a means of putting your name in front of existing or potential clients. However, taking the time to write the content is a big undertaking for many firms who are busy advising clients. Why not use our newsletters proposition and make the job easier?

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